Saturday, April 13, 2013

In need of more time

We were at a market yesterday to do a little shopping. Our cousin Sruh, who did our hair, brought us to a clothing market. A few fruit vendors sat outside the market though there were mainly clothes and shoes. Hair salons popped up between booths here and there as we weave our way next to someone getting their hair wash in an isle just large enough to get two people to pass through.

I find markets fun because you get to bargin. It helped quite a bit to have a local who knows the vendors. Sruh helped me bargin a bit. It seemed like the vendor didn't want to discount at all knowing I was from America, Laurel and Susan again couldn't get passed as a local. Lol. Though my cousin told the seller I was her 'cousin by birth' the lady went from speaking sales to speaking friendly. And once I started speaking Khmer, she felt somewhat of the local connection and discounted my purchase even further.

The seller told my cousin and I we look alike and that she can see how we're related. At first I thought nothing of it since I was trying to get a good deal. Though a split second after, I felt a bit weird. I've know Sruh for a few days now. But at the end of the day I still know her less than some people I care to know back home. Sruh although family, still a stranger that I look similar to.

The days are going fast. Meeting family is one thing, though getting to know them in the time we are here is impossible. I wish we had more time. The time we have to meet family, take in the culture, discover more about who we are and just getting some relaxing vacation time is already close to impossible. Finding time to spend with family leisurely might have to be another trip since everthing is rushed and with New Year, the holiday will consume our time just to celebrate.

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