Monday, April 15, 2013

New Year celebration begins

Happy New Year or straight translation, 'Hello New Year!'

April 14th, the first day of New Year and the town looked abandon. Only a few vendors were out here and there. Even our family members were resting at their homes. They decided the 2nd day of New Year the family (most of dad's side and some of mom's) will gather and celebrate.

That did not mean the first day was wasted. In the afternoon, we played volleyball in the hot-dry 90 degree weather with our uncle and cousin. We thought we were so so players (Laurel, Saran, my dad and I), but I think now we know where we stand in volleyball. We loss both games but were close in points.

Later that night we hungout at our uncle's house. The neighborhood was jammin'. There was a dj that had an old dell laptop hooked up to 7 different basses, big and small, all stacked up together. The entire neighborhood gathered around my uncle's place to dance, play games and just hangout underneath the stars.

It was fun. We participated in a few games. Tug-o-war, boys vs girls. Saran, Laurel, Sruh (the hair stylist cousin), myself along with a few other girls in the neighborhood showed the boys they couldn't mess with us. The girls won!

Another game we played, straight translation, grab the branch. How it's played: there's two teams (equal number of players on each side). Each player is assigned a number. The teams face each other and stands behind a line equal distance from the center where a small tree/bush branch gets placed. When a number is called, each player with the assigned number runs towards the branch and tries to bring back to their home base, crossing the line without getting tagged by the other team. It may sound confusing, but all games are better played than described.

We all had a ball hanging out with family and friends. Unfortunately, another farewell to Laurel and Susan who'll be leaving for Sihanoukville the next morning and won't be able to continue the New Year celebration. They'll be missed.

Day two we head to the mountains and lake to pinic with the rest of family and more.


  1. The trip sounds amazing! Can't wait to see photos!

    1. Oh yes, I can't wait to share. I'll be uploading photos once I get back. Unfortunately, I didn't bring everything I need to upload photos. Some photos you've seen are from my sister's phone. We're lucky we got a few in, the wi-fi isn't so great here. I'll be sure to let you know when they are up. Thanks for reading :)