Thursday, April 11, 2013

Living in Battambong: Continued

I feel the same way as Sarrut feels. We are very fortunate to grow up in America. My heart breaks to see how poor our families really are. I've heard how poor they are from my parents and seen pictures of hut houses but until you actually see and experience it for yourself, it is almost impossible to grasp. Yesterday,  one of our cousins who works in the "beauty shop" straightened me and my sister's hair. I have beauty shop in quotes because she does hair anywhere she can find space in the living room/bedroom. And when she needs to wash our hair, we had to go outside and squat while she pours water over our head using a bowl. I am happy to hear that some are able to work for a living yet sad to know how much they make. My cousin tells me that she charges 500 riels for a haircut. Which equates to about 15 cents in US dollars. As I sat in the slightly broken chair while my cousin worked on my hair, I had more time to observe the room I was in. I noticed other slightly broken furniture,  sheets and pillows that were ripped, and cobwebs in every corner. But no matter how little they have,  they always have a huge smile on their faces. 

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