Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On the road again and again

We didn't get to stay at Battambang for the 3rd day of New Year, since we needed time to head down to Takeo to meet other other aunt (from dad's side) and have a couple days at Sihanoukville, taking a break from meeting famy and time to take everything all in.

The ride took about 7 hours and we didn't get to our aunt's place until 10 that night. No worries, we were greeted again with an entire table of food. We know we're related :)

The next morning we spent a few hours only with them. Not every family member was there since many work and had to return home. Though with the few that waa there, I can really see the resemblance. A few cousins looked more like my sisters when you place us next to each other. I can't wait to upload photos.

We were really sad that we only had a short time with this family. They're more modernized and was able to connect with us more than the family in Battambang. A few are educated, know some English and have facebook. :)

One of our cousin volunteered to take us to Sihanoukville. On the road again and another 4 hr drive from where we were. He's an auditor for the government and have had travelled quite a bit. His plan for our next travel is to tour all of southeast asia in one swoop. If only it was that easy.

But yes, this has gotten Saran and I thinking about our next time here with our brother and sister, who couldn't make this trip. We're already thinking of the schedules and routes. Don't worry Saren and Rutta, by the end of this trip we'll be experts ;) Just need another 30 yrs to save up. Just kidding.

Next in Sihanoukville, hopefully a relaxing moment before returning home.

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