Friday, April 26, 2013

The Ouk Family

The Ouk family we knew before April 4th, 2013
The growth of our Ouk tree.
The first family members we saw (from my dad's side). We met in hallway of our hotel. Dad is in the lime green shirt and his oldest sister in his arms.

Dad's family in front of Angkor Wat
Me and Saran with a few of our cousins at Angkor Wat
Dad's youngest brother mentioned in the "Haunting of the Khmer Rouge" post
Dad jumped in the Cambodian folk band at Angkor Thom
Uncle Noe shows musical talent runs in the family and sings with the band (like dad who sings in two Cambodian bands back home)
Uncle Noe
Military in the family
Mom's side. Cousin, auntie (mentioned in "Some Cultural Experience" post, Dad, cousin, cousin, Mom, auntie and uncle.
More cousin's and second cousin from my dad's side in Takeo. Lady in green is dad's youngest sister.
In the back of the truck with cousins
Round Baby eating a round fruit

Round Baby staring at momma

Round Baby in clothes

Round Baby and Saran. Mom's sister in red and cousin in blue.

Round Baby and his round head

Round Baby and me
I call him "The Round Baby." One of my cousin's son. He's the round baby because his head is round, his eyes are round, his face is round...just a darn cute baby.

Unfortunately we don't have down all our cousins, aunts and uncles' names. We often just call each other uncle, aunt, brother or sister and we all respond. There are so many more cousins we met but didn't get all their photos. Now that we found everyone, a trip to get to know everyone is next! :)

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  1. Adorable Round Baby!!!

    Congratulations on the wonderful trip and self discovery. Beautiful.